Living World Aquatic & Pet Centre at Canterbury Garden Centre

Living World at Canterbury Garden Centre

Launched in 2015 Living World Aquatic & Pet Centre at Canterbury Garden Centre stocks a wide range of tropical and cold water fish, pond equipment, fish tanks and small animal pet products.

Specialists in tropical livestock with years of experience, our staff are always happy to help whether you are an avid hobbyist or just starting out. Contact us in-store or by e-mailing


Tropical Livestock & Plants

Whether you’re looking for a community tank, species-only, or even a biotope – we have everything you need for your tropical aquarium.

At Living World Aquatic & Pet Centre at Canterbury Garden Centre we offer:

  • FREE water testing service!
  • An expansive selection of large and small aquariums
  • Tropical plant selection
  • Internal/external filters, heaters and lighting

ALL our tropical fish come with a 3 day guarantee and we have a fantastic range of literature to meet the needs of a beginner through to an advanced hobbyist.

Insight Aquarium 401

Tropical Aquariums & Equipment

Here at Living World Aquatic & Pet Centre at Canterbury Garden Centre we stock a wide range of tropical aquarium tanks in various sizes and styles, from trusted and recognised brands including ciano, interpet and tetra.

Whether you are just starting out or require a more advanced tropical aquarium set up we will have the equipment you need, and if we don’t we will know where to source it for you.

For further details speak to a member of our staff in store or e-mail

Pre-formed Ponds at Living World Aquatic & Pet Centre

Ponds & Pond Equipment

Looking to finish off you garden or interested in keeping cold water fish, we have everything you will need to create a harmonious environment for your pond fish and plants.

We have everything you need to build and care for a garden pond from specialist pond pumps and filter systems. Our selection of equipment from leading manufacturers such as Oase and Hozelock includes pressure filters, pond pumps, pond vacs and more.

We even stock a variety of cold water fish to complete your pond. Ask our staff instore for further details.


Cold Water Fish

From Goldfish to Koi we have the cold water fish to suit your aquarium or pond. Whether you are starting out or adding to an existing set up, our knowledgable team will be able to guide you through the purchasing process.

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