What should we do in the garden during September?

It’s hard to believe that we are getting ready for the colder months ahead, particularly with all this glorious sunshine. Now is the time we should be planting, tidying and preparing our gardens for the season ahead.

Here are a few things you can be doing:

1) Now is the time to plant out any perennials or spring flowering plants for next year, whilst the soil is still warm. Don’t forget to stock up on spring bulbs now (we have some great deals in-store just ask a member of our staff). Plant layered in pots or in your garden for beautiful spring colour next year.

2) Propagate cuttings for the following year, particularly lavender and penstemons. Remember your tender perennials!

3) I would recommend dividing up the perennials in your garden to encourage better flowering in spring. Dividing can be done by splitting at the roots, just be careful not to cause too much damage! Take a firm but gentle approach.

4) Consider giving hedges and topiary a final cut before the winter, not only will this encourage growth but will keep you garden looking tidier over the colder months.

5) Harvest fruit trees particularly apple and pear crops as they should be ripe for the picking. Apples can be stored in boxes with newspaper between to be used later in the year. Beets are perfect to store for the months to come in boxes layered with damp compost or sand.

6) Cut all deadwood from roses to encourage regrowth and continue to deadhead flowers in the garden to prolong flowering and maximise the life of your plants.

7) Move non-hardy plants such as non-hardy fuchsia or geraniums under glass cover or into a greenhouse to better protect against the winter weather.

8) Take some time to tidy your garden and don’t neglect the compost heap. Turn to improve fermentation and don’t forget that autumn provides an abundance of extra fodder to keep your compost going!

9) Plant winter vegetables now, ready for early spring or later in the year. Particularly chard, winter cabbage, winter onions and spinach.

Don’t forget should you need any help and advice you can call me at the Garden Centre, I’d be happy to help. Happy Gardening!

Lisa Bennet Canterbury Garden Centre


If you have any questions about what to do in your garden, please contact Canterbury Garden Centre on 01227 375415